1.     Do not hire a credit repair company to assist you as you will lose important rights.

2.     Be persistent and keep your eye on the ball. The credit bureaus want it to be hard so you will go away.

3.     It is legal for you to dispute any line on your credit report even if you know it is accurate.

4.     Send your credit dispute letters registered mail return receipt and keep track of the dates.

5.     Keep in mind if there is no resolution within 30 days the negative line must be removed according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

6.     If sending in a dispute letter never use a pre made letter, be original.

7.     Once you have completed a dispute, request an updated credit report.

8.      If you make payment arrangements with a creditor pay as agreed and check to see they have reported as such.

9.     Be sure to clearly point out the item you are disputing with correct account numbers etc.

10.            Do not use letterhead for disputes, it can create problems.

11.            Send in disputes in busy times of year for instance in the months of the holidays.

12.            If you are making an offer to settle a debt, do it near the end of the month as many collection agencies are trying to hit monthly goals so a low ball has a better chance to be accepted.

13.            Federal and local laws are geared towards  consumers so keep this in mind during negotiations and disputes.

14.            Credit Bureaus have to reinvestigate within 30 days or inform the consumer of the delay.

15.            If a credit bureau can not confirm an account within 30 days they must remove it from your credit report.

16.            You have every right to include your side of the story to a dispute and if you request they must include it in your credit file.



We have enclosed valuable tools to help you through your credit repair. Follow the link to obtain your sample dispute letters.

Dispute Letters

For future refference we have also included a free copy of Credit Repair Made Easy by Don Troiano

Credit Repair Made Easy


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